Meca-Trade OY

Affordable products,
technical know-how,
high delivery reliability

About us

Import and trading companies

Meca-Trade Oy is a privately owned import and trading company founded in Finland in 1984. Headquarter is based in Pori. You will find more information about the parent company on the website: In May 1998 a new branch was opened in Jönköping. This stand-alone operating unit serves customers in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The company has a AAA credit rating since several years back.

Focus and customers

Meca-Trade Oy primarily supplies products for iron, steel and metal foundries and also for professional pattern and prototype manufacturers. Among our customers are also other groups, such as mechanical workshops and prosthetic manufacturers.

Our vision of the future

The Scandinavian foundry industry showed a positive trend despite fierce competition from low-cost countries. The strength lies in cutting edge technology and continuous development. Meca-Trade collaborates with suppliers that are strongly development-oriented and can offer flexible, customized solutions through custom production. We are also actively looking for new suppliers that can meet these requirements, offering attractive, affordable products, technical know-how and also a high delivery reliability.

Since we are aware that most of our customers live in a reality where lead times are short, we strive to provide fast and reliable deliveries and rapid assistance if problems arise. Flexibility and high level of service are two of our most important basic concepts.